Margit and Vollpension

by Daniel Eberharter

Margit Hammerl is a bundle of energy! Along with Julia Krenmayr, one of the founders of Vollpension, we meet in the ambiguously titled “Back-Office”.

The fine art of baking is very important at Vollpension: grandmas and grandpas have been pampering their young and older guests with delicious baked goods since the summer of 2015. It’s a well-known fact that the best cakes are made by a grandma and not from a store.

‘It doesn’t get any better than this’

Margit has been employed in Vollpension since this spring and takes care of all the bookkeeping. After a short training period, she says that she mainly brings structure to tasks.

“It doesn’t get better than this,” Julia says praising her youngest colleague Margit. Julia advertised the job on WisR’s job platform and received more than 20 highly qualified candidates.

“Margit was the best fit and this quickly became clear when we had a relaxed conversation. It’s not just about having years of experience here at Vollpension but it’s also about having the right attitude.”

WisR Matches: Margit
Margit Hammerl in front of Vollpension

‘I bring a sense of order to the café’

Julia especially appreciates Margit for her ability to bring structure to her tasks which shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, Margit has over 43 years of professional experience in accounting and event organisation. Margit first learned accounting in the 60’s, from what she says was a very strict but fair teacher in a construction company.

“Her strict approach is a good thing,” Julia says. “We benefit a lot from Margit’s experience!””

48 years of work experience

At the age of 60, retirement beckoned but Margit knew that she wouldn’t just sit around at home. “Playing golf all the time isn’t that interesting either,” she says with a wink.

The first thing Margit did when she retired was to obtain her trade licence to continue working as a self-employed person. Among other things, she acts as a consultant for events. Her wealth of experience spans over 48 years and continues to grow.

During her professional life, Margit Hammerl was significantly involved in the development and execution of the event “Wiener Adventzauber” as well as “Christkindls Werkstatt” in and around Vienna’s City Hall. In her 28 years with kreitner & partner (as event coordinator and commercial manager) these events - especially the ones with children - were her passion projects.

Margit learned about WisR through the media in the spring of 2018 and registered immediately. She has been an active WisR user since the very beginning! New projects and ideas, people of all ages - these are the things that both Margit and Julia love!

WisR Matches: Margit
Margit Hammerl inside the entrance of Vollpension

‘Only those who have enjoyed doing their job want to continue working in retirement’

At the end of our conversation, we leave the back office for the busy café where all the tables are occupied. Margit enjoys that her work is not only fun but also creates added value for others. She is convinced of the following words of wisdom: “Only those who have enjoyed their profession will want to continue working in retirement”.

When asked whether it was difficult for Margit to familiarise herself with the new team and new technology, she answers like any other employee in a new job.

“There’s always new challenges but how you overcome them depends on your teacher,” she says. This has been her belief ever since she started her career and it hasn’t changed.

So, now we’re finally going to get some cake. Bon appetit!

PS: By the way, Margit is also on Instagram!

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