Big in Japan!

…and in Korea!

As 1 of 10 Austrian startups, the WisR team took advantage of the unique opportunity to travel to the Far East with the goSeoul-Programm from the Austrian Economic Chamber Aussenwirtschaft Austria and the Global Incubator Project Global Incubator Project to learn about the part of the world with the oldest and most active population.

Timar WisR
Timar Batis from WisR at the GIN Presentation in Seoul

Aging society also affects the Asian labour market

Did you know that Japan is the country with the highest average life expectancy in the world at 84.2 years (Quelle: WHO) and that the average retirement age in Japan is 60 which is similar to Austria?

One thing in particular caught our eye: Interactions with the elderly were noticeably different and really innovativ in Korea and Japan!

For example, the Japanese government founded the National Silver Human Resource Center in 1980 whose mission is to address the issues of an aging society.

WisR in the National Silver Human Resource Center Tokyo

We visited the Tokyo headquarters and were really impressed: You have to be at least 60 years young to become a member and the average age of employees is 74!

In a knowledge exchange session with Institutionen und PartnerInnen vor Ort , we were able to gather exciting input and experiences which we will bring back to Austria!

WisR in Samsung Career Center Seoul
WisR visiting the Samsung Career Center in Seoul