Vienna-based Social Impact Startup WisR receives an investment of EUR 250,000

The online-recruiting platform for active retirees is being supported by investors from the HR sector

Vienna - The tech-and-social impact startup WisR, founded in 2017, completed its seed round financing in two months with a business angel investment of EUR 250,000. Niki Futter (Compass Verlag), Stephan Blahut (ÖGV), Nathalie Karré (ACCELOR), and Christian Geissler (KERN Engineering Careers) are joining the company as investors.

Future-oriented recruiting in response to changing demographic trends

With its specially developed online matching platform, WisR focuses on the importance of knowledge transfer between generations and the challenges facing an aging population in Austria and worldwide: “The number of people in late working or early retirement (55 to 64 years of age) is growing fast. In 2030, almost a third of the Austrian population will be over 60 years old. Demographic change is fundamentally changing society and the entire labour market as well”, says Klaudia Bachinger, Co-Founder and CEO of WisR.

The four business angels from the Austrian management consultancy and HR industries recognize this trend

“WisR closes an ever-increasing gap in the Austrian HR market. An aging and active population will be the social topic of the next 20 years. We want to make the knowledge and know-how of older people available to future generations and support them in their development”, says Lead Investor Niki Futter.

“With this investment, we are financing key positions that support us in building our brand, our sales team, and our community”, says Bachinger.

The recruiting platform is for anyone who wants to remain active in retirement and pass on their experience to future-oriented companies on a part-time and project basis. At the same time, the platform opens up the promising “silver market” for companies seeking a direct route to a pool of experts.


Nathalie Karré: “More and more companies are being forced by demographic developments, changes in the world of work, and the prevailing shortage of skilled workers to take alternative recruiting paths and develop new types of employment relationships. WisR is addressing exactly these issues and will be an essential building block in the recruiting world of the future. It is particularly pleasing to see that economic success and social commitment go hand in hand at WisR”.

Christian Geissler: “Diversity is the foundation for success. According to an African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, we need a new social balance in which older people are not marginalised and cut off from economic activities. Senior Talents have qualities that we urgently need as a society and from an economic perspective. With WisR, there’s finally a platform that leverages these qualities in a targeted way.”

Carina Roth, Co-founder and CFO of WisR emphasizes another social aspect: “Only six percent of all founders in Austria are female. Among investors, the number is even smaller. That is why we are particularly pleased to have a woman on board with Nathalie Karré”, says Roth.


Back row: Christian Geissler, Niki Futter, Martin Melcher
Front row: Nathalie Karré, Carina Roth, Klaudia Bachinger, Stephan Blahut
Credit: WisR/Timar Ivo Batis

About WisR

WisR was founded in October 2017 by Klaudia Bachinger (CEO), Carina Roth (CFO), and Martin Melcher (CTO) with help from the Social Business Call Program of the Vienna Business Agency.

WisR has been available at since spring 2018. In June, the platform was used by over 500 people and companies. Registration is free of charge.