About WisR

Picture a world where we don’t grow older, but wiser…

What We Do

WisR (“wiser”) is an online platform where companies can find motivated Senior Talents who can offer their experience for project-based, seasonal, or part-time jobs. Our goal is to reintegrate older people into society and the labour market on the one hand, and on the other, to enable Senior Talents to find exciting and meaningful work, new challenges, so they can help shape the future and be appreciated.

The Story

Every second retiree wants to keep working.

Nothing shapes the world as intensively as change. In addition to climate change and digital change, it is demographic change that poses major challenges to our society and the economy. You don’t have to be an expert on the future to realize that our expensive social system can no longer support the economic reality. Apart from the fact that the average retirement age of 59 in Austria is wildly outdated, more and more people, especially Senior Talents, are looking for meaning in their jobs in addition to gainful employment.

Global labour shortage due to ageing population

There are companies right now that want to understand older people not only as consumers, but also as creators. Competitive pressure, labour shortages, a lack of know-how, and the desire for flexibility of young people are among the current reasons why it will become increasingly important to integrate older people into the world of work. This brings not only socio-political, but also labour market competitive advantages.

Who are Senior Talents ?

Senior Talents are people who are close to or past the official retirement age who wish to continue passing on their experience and expertise. They are people who actively help shape the future, pass on their knowledge, and continue to learn new things. They are open-minded, optimistic, enthusiastic, brave, honest, responsible, and willing to compromise.

Senior Talents are not older, but wiser.