How WisR works

WisR is the '#'1 recruiting platform for active retirees! Are you looking for experience, initiative, seniority & social skills for your business? Get the benefits from our continually growing WisR talent pool who have a lot to offer.


Talent Pool

Register your company at WisR to find motivated retirees with many years of professional experience in our rapidly growing talent pool. The advantages that older employees can bring to your company cannot be denied. Reliability, experience & knowledge transfer are just some of the reasons why you should hire an older worker. Post your next job on WisR and find suitable candidates faster than on other job portals.


Job & Profile Matching

WisR links the experience of motivated Silver Agers with the goals of your company. Our AI-powered matching system scans your company's needs and suggests suitable candidates. The candidates automatically receive a notification about your job advertisement and apply with a mouse click.


Standardized Application Process

Our application process is quick and easy: You receive standardized applications of candidates directly into your inbox. The WisR CV contains information such as soft and hard skills, which are normally only found between the lines in a conventional CV. Communications between you and a candidate are done using our WisR Messaging Portal. The days of long e-mail threads and endless amounts of paper littering your desk are over!


Employer Branding

Show your commitment to corporate social responsibility and have your own WisR Employer Branding Page. Create an exclusive company profile in a few simple steps and gain an edge over your competition. WisR Employer Branding is a powerful marketing and CSR tool that will show your stakeholders and customers how you care about the future. Here's an example of an Employer Branding Page (in German).


Hand Selection Service

Are you having problems finding that one specialist you desperately need? Does it actually feel like you're looking for a needle in a haystack? We can help you find the candidate you're looking for with our personal hand selection service. We will find the perfect candidate for you from our talent pool and exclusive network. Our personalized individual customer service guarantees a successful HR search. Specialist knowledge, seniority, leadership and that certain something is only one step away.


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