This is how you reach the right candidates for the right job!

At WisR, companies can find experienced retirees for projects, seasonal jobs, and part-time jobs. Our aim is to bring generations together and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the young and the old.

By placing your job advertisement on WisR, you will reach the candidates you’re looking for! In this article, we reveal how in 5 simple steps you can place the perfect job advertisement for your target group and easily fill your recruiting needs.

We reveal the 5 things you should consider to write an attractive job post!

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1.) The right approach in the right channel

Even if it is a part-time job and you’ve already posted it on other portals, don’t overlook WisR’s target group. Job adverts that are copied & pasted are unattractive and leave a bad impression. Just remember that the same rule applies to candidates’ CVs when you read them… ;)

Retirees appreciate a personal, honest, and simple approach. Do a small analysis beforehand to see which qualities you are looking for.

2.) Highlight that you’re looking for experience

WisR is all about experience. Our Senior Talents are the most experienced people on the job market and we are proud of that! Learn more about WisR for companies.

Highlight the expertise and social skills you are looking for that you won’t get with younger people. The more open and direct, the better.

WisR Tip: Senior Talents are good at reading between the lines but they prefer honesty ;)

3.) Emphasize appreciation

The feeling of being needed is one of the main motivations for many retirees to stay active in the labour market after retirement. Make sure to emphasize this and you’ll experience improved responses.

4.) Flexible but not on call

Of course, you are looking for someone with experience who is flexible but don’t forget that many Senior Talents are also grandparents with other responsibilities.

According to surveys, the responsibility towards family is very high and therefore retirees are rarely available “on call” - which is a good thing. Job flexibility should be an advantage for both employer and employee.

5.) Social contact: Create something cool together!

A survey by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) clearly shows the main reason why older people look for work in retirement: More than 60% of pensioners state that they are seeking social contact with other people and above all, enjoy working.


Emphasize the community and team spirit of your office! WisR’s motto is about cross-generational appreciation - that’s why we have such a large Senior Talent Pool. Use this to your benefit!